Friday, March 13, 2009

welcome #4 (and final?!)

we've moved again, and i really love my new kitchen. i think we'll be here for a long time, as in more than one year, haha. it's nice and spacious with lots of cabinets and countertop space to take care of all the things i need to take care of!

i've been back and forth on whether i should retire this blog or not. rarely do i ever post on here because i am the primary blogger for our main blog, but i like writing personal things here that really don't have to do with my family.

for instance:
chemex is a beautiful thing

using a chemex changes the way your coffee tastes. there are no machine parts, it is purely a filter, hot water, and glass. try a cup from me and you will view coffee differently! the design is so sleek yet modern, it adds a great appeal to your kitchen or table.

i've got a couple of projects going on right now, so once things get going, i will post more about that. i'll leave you with two words: paper and pho!

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